Bespoke Products

Our families deserve a beautiful visual history on our walls. Wall art becomes a part of our legacy, helps cherish memories, strenghtens the connections. This investment becomes timeless and reaches far beyond today.

Deep framed canvas.jpg

Deep Canvas Tray Frame

A truly timeless fine art wall piece. The archival pro canvas is first hand stretched around exhibition pro bars then set into the custom made 50 mm frame. A shadow gap is left between the inside edge of the tray frame and the side of the canvas creating a more dramatic version of the negative space provided by a traditional mount. The canvas bars and wooden frame moulding are constructed by  craftsmen ensuring this is a product made to impress.

  • Frame in black, brown or white
  • Hi-definition 12 colour giclée printing
  • Fine art UV varnish for added protection and light fastness 
  • Professionally framed and finished
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Available to see in the studio









  • 20x20 in 399 EUR
  • 30x30 in 449 EUR
  • 40x40 in 549 EUR
Acrylic orb1.jpg

Acrylic orb

Acrylic range are our signature contemporary products. They're guaranteed to make a statement addition to your home. This new circular format works with virtually any type of image and ensures a truly unique finish on the wall.

  • High gloss surface 
  • 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas
  • Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive
  • Diamond polished edges
  • Supplied ready to hang with an aluminium subframe
  • Hi-definition 12 colour printing
  • Inks certified for 100+ years







  • 20 in 260 EUR
  • 24 in 300 EUR
  • 30 in 350 EUR
  • 40 in 390 EUR
Wooden block01.jpg

Wooden blocks

Premium grade rustic photo blocks are a stylish solution adding a statement feel to any interior. Photo blocks are images printed and adhered to the wood block so photographs retain their high quality.

Available in rectangle or round shape.


  • 12 in 150 EUR
  • 16 in 190 EUR


  • 8x12 120 EUR
  • 12x18 150 EUR
  • 16x24 250 EUR

Framed portraits

Gallery grade custom made frames are hand made from real wood mouldings, luxurious cardboard mount and protected by a non-reflective glass. Come with a variety of chevrons to chose from will retain their classy impact in years to come.

  • 8x10 in  195 EUR
  • 8x12 in  215 EUR
  • 10x12 in 230 EUR
  • 12x16 in 250 EUR
  • 16x20 in 350 EUR
  • 20x24 in 450 EUR

Professional prints

High quality photographic prints printed on a silk paper

  • 6x8 in 40 EUR
  • 10x7 in 50 EUR
  • 8x12 in 70 EUR
  • 10x12 in 90 EUR
  • 12x16 in 120 EUR
  • 16x20 in 150 EUR
Harry album-2.jpg

Bespoke leather albums

These beautiful books are hand made and every single one is unique. Selection of prime leather covers, engraving and custom designed will surely become a family heirloom to be treasured for generations.


  • 25x25 cm  350 EUR
  • 30x30 cm 450 EUR
  • design, engraving, proofing and presentation box included

GIFT CARDS available

Give a gift of memories to someone you love. Gift vouchers can be purchased to any amount towards any type of service or products.