Memories on the wall. Newborn photographer Dublin, newborn photographer Meath

SO you've got your photographs done. But do you actually put them up on the wall? Do you have them displayed to enjoy every day? 

Living in digital era has stripped down the power of printed photograph. I am guilty of that myself, even afraid to think of how many important photographs are still sitting on my many disks.

But for the few of them I have framed up on the wall...  while so many of our memories fade away, these are strengthened by the pieces on the wall. And my children love them. They comment of them, laugh at them, talk about them. They remind them where they came from, highlight their sense of belonging and connection to their identity.

They remind them how important they are. How loved they are.

There's a poetry in a quality wall art. They're an investment that gains value with time and so much more than a USB in your drawer, they're a family heirloom.

They help us treasure memories of our lives. They help us remember.

Baby boy - newborn photographer Dublin

Julen - a beautiful baby boy, newborn photographer Dublin, newborn photographer Meath

Every time I hold a newborn baby in my arms I start believing in miracles yet again.  His parents  came to Ireland from a beautiful Basque Country and I had an absolute pleasure of capturing very special moments in their families life: pregnancy and welcoming a beautiful baby boy, whom they called Julen. His mum and Dad had a very specific requests for his newborn photoshoot, they even brought their own belly cast! and I enjoyed creating them for them. I hope you like the selection below, and if you do, I'd love to see a comment below.

Jack on day 7

I can never get over the sense of wonder, brand new babies are absolutely amazing. When Jack's mummy asked me to incorporate vintage car rims in the photoshoot, I didn't know what to expect. I was a little worried whether I could pose Jack safely in them. It was a spontaneous idea, but I think we did pretty well to make it work visually and create some impactful images. Not to mention Jack posed like a pro.